• Anybody in the world can now be the proud owner of a real live cow.
  • Watch your cow grow into a herd.
  • Build your own wealth, while empowering transformation.
  • Follow your cow’s progress on your phone.
  • Exit the program at any time.
  • Your wealth grows independent of currency fluctuations.


A cow has the ability to duplicate herself a few times in her life. Every cow you buy has the potential to grow into a herd that you own but never paid for.   As rule of thumb, one cow can grow into 4 cattle over a period of 8 years. It could be more, but we are working with nature.

The other important aspect of the program is that it is designed in a way that every cow is linked to an agricultural transformation program. So your cow is helping to improve Africa and it’s people.

This is why one of our favorite phrases is:

“Don’t give us money, buy yourself a cow, and we will use her to transform Africa.”

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The program addresses issues like:



Ecologically regenerative


Rural sustainable
people development


Addressing Social injustice and discrimination


Youth participation in commercial agriculture

Programme Basics

Basics of the agreement

We have a comprehensive agreement that is available online. See Agreement

All purchase within the OACIA programme, is subject to our Management Agreement.

There is no small print. We operate in the light and our name is our honor. Own a Cow in Africa is here to help change Africa and we need your respect and support to do it.

Here is an outline of what is in the agreement.
  • You buy a cow through an online secure platform. We use ADDPay – Read more about them.
    • You can pay the full amount by card – A certificate of ownership is issued as soon as the funds are cleared in our account. The ADDPay system will email you a proof of payment.


    • In some cases, we offer you the option of monthly installments. – A certificate of ownership is issued on receipt of the full amount. You will receive proof of payment for each successful installment.
  • As soon as the full payment reflects in the OACIA account, we will secure the animal. Move it to site, tag it, brand it and load it in the management system. This will take 7 days.
  • OACIA administration will issue you with:
    • A certificate of ownership that includes the cow’s identification numbers and an image.
    • A link and password to access your profile on the mobile information system.
  • The cow will be placed in an established herd, managed in accordance with standards that we have committed. Our information system allows us to monitor her progress and alert us of any potential issues. You can follow her progress on your mobile information system.
  • Her first calf should come in month 27-30, depending on the age she was bought. See “Explain to me the production cycle of a cow” under Question and Answers.
  • The owner is in a 50/50 partnership with the project. The 50/50 split includes:
    • All direct cost – See What are direct costs” under Question and Answers
    • All income on the sales of calves from the specific cow. These sales should cover all the direct costs on your cow.  See Explain to me the financial model.” Questions and Answers.
    • All female offspring is split between the owner and the project.
  • Male calves are sold to cover the direct costs of the cow and 50% of the balance is credited to the account of the owner.
  • This account balance is displaced on your mobile information system and a detailed statement is emailed to you every 3 months.
  • Female calves are alternatively owned by the project and the owner of the cow. The first female calve belongs to the owner, the second female calve to the project, continuing in this order.
  • At the end of the production cycle of your cow, estimated to be at the age of 8 years, we will fatten your cow and sell it into the market. The full income is credited to your account.
  • The balance of your account is paid to you when you exit the OACIA program.

If you have more questions please CONTACT us directly.

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