Regenerative grazing is the use of large herds with in a well managed grazing program to accelerate the restoration of the natural balances that existed with in the ecological interaction between animals and nature in early times. Methods of Regenerative grazing includes references like strip grazing and high-density grazing.

Regenerative grazing practices is considered to be the most efficient method for restoring degenerated land, but it requires large herds of cattle to mimic the original creational design of roaming herds of herbivores.

The overwhelming proof that regenerative grazing can restore various natural habitats within a few seasons, became a major driving force behind the concept of Own-a-Cow-in-Africa. We developed a training and monitoring program to which all participants within the OACIA program will be trained and held accountable.

Apart from the regeneration advantages, the meat is also marketed as “grass-fed”, offering the consumer a quality and healthier alternative to the current “grain-fed” beef flooding the shelves.

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