The OACIA program is an initiative of the FarmForAfrica group, a network of commercial farmers and specialist offering their time and experience in support of development in African Agriculture.

Since 2013 we have been running the OACIA program in Mozambique with an exclusive group of owners. In October of 2017 we started a test model in the Free State, South Africa.

OACIA is founded on solid business principles making it a self-sustainable initiative that will increasingly achieve it’s four objectives as the size of the herds increase. Over the eight-year life span of every cow, it will continually contribute towards these objectives, while the owner enjoys an equal capital growth as his/her cow multiplies in terms of off-spring.

Our management programme, to which every site must adhere, addresses all the aspects that will give your you and your cow the best changes of success. Cattle is an excellent way of growing wealth and your single cow has the potential to grow into a herd of 4 or more. You will own them all but only paid for one.

Here is some information for the more intuitive owner.


To understand the desperate situation that many cattle farmers find themselves in, we included a summarized overview of figures compiled using the latest statistics in South Africa. These figures might differ slightly for various farms, but they give us a good insight into the reality of cattle farming.

The only annual income a cow provides, is the sale of her offspring, and it is important to ensure a high conception and weaning percentages through good management.

The direct annual cost of medication, immunizations and dozing is very low but essential to the health of the animals. It is addressed in our management standards. The real cause of concern to cattle farmers are the costs of supplementary feed and land. They combined total to 76.94% of annual costs. See table below


 COMMERCIAL COW costs/year
Additional Feed: 15.51%
Immunization: 1.88%
Dozing: 2.89%
Veterinarian: 1.27%
Marketing: 2.13%
Genetic Investments: 4.87%
Divers: 0.29%
Land: 61.43%
Labor: 9.73%
* Updated May 2019 South Africa



OACIA solution

The OACIA model requires all sites to adhere to our management standard and it addresses issues like:

  • Grazing management – The testimony of the approach we follow has proven to double the carry capacity of land both in terms of the volume of food available and nutritional value of the food. Within a few seasons it dramatically reduces the need for supplementary feed during winter times.
  • Land use agreements – The OACIA model is designed to help participating farmers to ride themselves of land debt and offer solutions to grow capacity without the need for expensive financial assistance. This means that the OACIA cow owner is not burdened with the high cost of land and this saving is directly benefiting the success of the OACIA ownership.
  • Procurement reduction programme – In various partnerships we offer participating farmers the option of reduced prices on all agricultural purchases. This advantage is directly related to the growing participation in the OACIA model.

We are committed sustainable cattle farming for everybody.


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