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Our programme make provision for you to exit at any time, but we know that once you are part of this exciting venture, felt the pride at the birth of you first calve, you will be sorry you did not join sooner.

There is no catch!

No hidden agenda!

No small print!

The truth is that OACIA makes it possible for you to build your own herd of cattle, just as if you are farming yourself.

Cultural Herds


These herds symbolize the history of cattle in Africa with their colourful hides, well sought after as floor and wall decorations. We focus on animals that display the characteristics of the Nguni, Boran and PinZyl. They played a major role in the cultural history of Africa, both in wars and ceremonies.

Through crossbreeding we are increasing the body mass of the herd, without sacrificing the artistic appearance, so that owners still enjoy the financial benefit of the market. Many of these cattle allows for an income through the selling of the hides.

This herd type is for:

  • People who wants a “beautiful” animal to show-off to their friends and still make money.
  • People would like to preserve the memory of their cow by keeping the processed hide after the production cycle of the cow.
  • Men who needs to pay Lebollo. These “ladies” will win any father-in-law’s heart.
  • Planning for a loved-once’s funeral. Let the beauty of the animal celebrate their life.

Stud Herds


A stud herd of cattle refers to a herd of cattle of the same breed registered with a breeder’s association. Each animal has a clearly defined bloodline, verifiable with DNA testing. These cattle are often used to improve commercial herds.

Each animal that is retained in the herd, is selected for very specific physical characteristics as defined by their breeder’s association, and this makes them more expensive to own. The upside is that your cow might produce the same or better-quality animals, that can see your profits skyrocketing. But cattle are cattle and nature often surprise us in any direction.

We sign agreements with well established stud herd owners that has capacity for more female stock. We want to ensure that the livestock of our owners are in good hands and that we have full access to do our own supervision.

Our heart is to advance quality breeding stock by assisting farmers to increase their stud herds, without going into debt to do so. Many of our best breeders had to reduce their stud herd sizes during the past drought. Re-gaining numbers is expensive and out of reach of many of them.

This herd type is for:

  • The more adventures type of owners that is not scared of risk. Your off-spring might make the annual production auctions or make history.

Commercial Herds


Our definition of a commercial herd includes standardized management, quality breeding stock and good market value. It is not just letting them graze and hope they reproduce. Each cow is monitored, and under-performers removed from the herd. They are placed in a regenerative grazing program, substituted by only natural feed.

Cattle are selected for the ability to adapt and re-produced and not on breed preference. Our meat is “grass-fed” and required that animals are well adapted to live off the field.

Commercial herds drive the meat supply into the consumer markets more than any of the other herd types. They are bred with the sole purpose of providing the best possible quality meat. This large demand ensures that there will always be a market for commercial herds.

This herd type is for:

  • Anybody who wants to own a cow and see their herd grow.
  • People who is not focussed on the appearance of an animal as in the case of the cultural herds.
  • The prosecutive owner who are in a hurry to buy. Most of our stock comes available in
    commercial herds.
  • People who want to establish a financial asset for a specific purpose like; to put a child through university or retirement.

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