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OACIA has always been about people. We measure our success by the number of people’s lives we touch and improve. On the once side we want everybody to own a cow and build wealth, but on the over side we want to assist farmers, prospective farmers and young people still dreaming of farming, to a place of sustainable livestock farming by plugging them into the OACIA family.

Register under one of the following 3 categories.

You will be invited to attend an information session as per your registration.

Rural Communities

We are willing to work with the tribal leadership of rural communities that are united in their effort to develop their own people.

For the purpose of the OACIA programme we have some minimum requirements and we will forward documentation that provides more information. Community leaders are encourage to register their communities below.

We cannot make promises, but our heart is to see rural communities flourish again. Our information sessions will help community leaders to position their communities in terms of the OACIA programmes.

Commercial Farmers

We know that our commercial farmers present centuries of experience and that they hold a primary key to land reform and transformation. Commercial farmers that have a heart for cattle are encouraged to register. We can not promise you anything except that we are building capacity and want to take farmers on a journey with us.

If you:

  • Have land but need cattle.
  • Want to be part of a herd and grazing improvement program for commercial farmers.
  • Want to initiate an empowerment program among your employees.
  • Are just tired of walking alone.
  • Have land, but no experience and looking for somebody to walk the road with you.

You must be willing to:

  • Help build a nation.
  • Become part of a livestock study group and improvement program.
  • Adhere to the OACIA livestock management standards. This is a development programme aimed at helping farmers to improve their herds and grazing.
  • Participate in our mentorship program for “new generation farmers”.

Register and attend one of our information sessions. Listen to what is said and then make an informed decision.

I want to be a farmer!

Farming is not of the faint hearted. It has to be a calling or the sun will burn the farmer out of you the first time it gets you alone in the field.

We have developed a “career development program for farmers”. The program guides you from where you are, to the place the market requires you to be. It addresses your skill and knowledge shortfalls and plugs you into a mentorship program.

Many of our participants qualifies for an employer exchange program, that provides them with a foothold into the world of employment.

We are raising new generation farmers, that are able to put South Africa back on the map.

If you want to know more, you have to register below and we will forward you detailed information.

Tell us how you want to be involve:

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