The lack of interest from young people in agriculture is taking on drastic measures. The current age of producing farmers are between 62 – 68 years of age and we aren’t left with much time to up-skill and empower a new generation of farmers. The reality is that Africa’s potential to meet the nutritional needs of the entire world is of no value if we do not have experienced farmers to cultivate the land.

OACIA has a “New Generation Farmer “development program, where the skills and experience of decades of commercial farming are transferred to young potential farmers. With the generative effect of previous agricultural practices in mind, the program is focused on ecological sustainable agriculture using the latest technology and methodologies.

Included in the “new farmer” development program is a ‘fathering’ element, where we facilitated the need of young farmers to rub shoulders with older experienced farmers in a father-son-like relationship to which many of these new farmers were not privileged while growing up.

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